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In-House Pet Diagnostics in Newtown

Visit Our In-House Laboratory

At Sycamore Veterinary Hospital, our in-house laboratory provides fast and accurate diagnoses to pet owners within the hour. That means you can get your pet’s lab results back on the same day as your appointment.

To help diagnose your pet’s condition, we offer in-house:

  • Bloodwork
  • Radiology
  • Fecal and urine testing

Additionally, external laboratories are available if further diagnostics are needed.

We may recommend diagnostic testing for your pet if:

  • They have started behaving out of character
  • They have stopped eating or are over-eating
  • We believe they may need surgery
  • Your pet is limping or appears to be injured
  • Our physical examinations are not enough to properly diagnose a potential issue

At Sycamore Veterinary Hospital, we remain on the cutting-edge of diagnostic technology. Our facility is home to highly advanced equipment that has the power to effectively diagnose a wide range of health conditions and injuries. Take advantage of this equipment by scheduling an appointment for diagnostic testing in Newtown today.

Call (215) 515-5392 or complete our online contact form to get started.

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What Makes Us the Best Choice?
  • Convenient Hours

    We reserve same day appointments for our patients, so they can get the care they need right away. We are also available on Saturday mornings until 2 PM for your convenience.

  • True Animal Lovers

    We understand the unique bond between people and pets. All of our veterinarians came into practice because they loved animals.

  • Four Decades of Care

    We have been proudly serving the Newtown community with the highest level of care for nearly 40 years. Rest easy and put your pet in good hands.

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Real Stories From Real Owners

  • “Aly and Nicky, our two aging huskies have received consistent, attentive, competent, medical care from the veterinarians and staff at Sycamore for many years.”

    - Karen P.
  • “They are always the nicest to the dogs and their people.”

    - Mary Ann J.
  • “I plan on bringing my future animals back to not only Sycamore vet but Dr. Weiss!”

    - Jules S.