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Veterinary Services in Newtown

We are a progressive veterinary hospital in Newtown with a wide range of services for many different kinds of pets. We believe in quality veterinary care and convenience. Whether it’s surgery, medical grooming, or even creating a behavioral training plan, we offer it all. This helps create a stronger bond between our team and your pet.

Some of the many veterinary services we offer include:

  • Wellness exams: Exams give us a complete, overall picture of your pet’s health and are useful in detecting potential health problems.
  • Wellness programs: We offer tailored wellness programs that comprehensively address all of your pet’s health needs at each stage of life.
  • Vaccination services: Using established guidelines, we tailor a unique vaccination schedule for your pet based on their individual needs and unique lifestyle.
  • Microchipping: Microchips for dogs and cats provide the best form of identification. Every year, lost pets are reunited with their families because of microchips.
  • In-house diagnostics: We offer in-house bloodwork, radiology, and fecal and urine testing, to help diagnose your pet’s condition.
  • Surgery: The highly skilled veterinarians at Sycamore Veterinary Hospital can perform a wide range of surgical procedures.
  • Dentistry: Sycamore Veterinary Hospital offers full preventative dental care for your canine and feline companions.
  • Digital radiology: Sycamore Veterinary Hospital offers digital radiology, which allows us to diagnose problems not found through physical exams or blood testing.
  • Laser surgery: Laser surgery decreases bleeding, pain, and surgical time, making the surgery process easier and less intrusive for our patients.
  • Food and prescription refills: Order food and prescriptions right through our site by filling out a form that will be submitted to our veterinarians.

To schedule an appointment for any of these services, please call Sycamore Veterinary Hospital at (215) 515-5392.

Your Pets. Our Passion.

What Makes Us the Best Choice?
  • Convenient Hours

    We reserve same day appointments for our patients, so they can get the care they need right away. We are also available on Saturday mornings until 2 PM for your convenience.

  • True Animal Lovers

    We understand the unique bond between people and pets. All of our veterinarians came into practice because they loved animals.

  • Four Decades of Care

    We have been proudly serving the Newtown community with the highest level of care for nearly 40 years. Rest easy and put your pet in good hands.

Does Your Fur Baby Need Attention?

Real Stories From Real Owners

  • “Aly and Nicky, our two aging huskies have received consistent, attentive, competent, medical care from the veterinarians and staff at Sycamore for many years.”

    - Karen P.
  • “They are always the nicest to the dogs and their people.”

    - Mary Ann J.
  • “I plan on bringing my future animals back to not only Sycamore vet but Dr. Weiss!”

    - Jules S.