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Fear Free Veterinary Care in Newtown

Our Certification Gives Us the Skills We Need to Give Your Pets the Care They Deserve

At Sycamore Veterinary Hospital, we embrace “Fear Free” medicine for the pets we serve and their owners. To practice fear free veterinary medicine means to embrace the concept of veterinary care in a way that minimizes feelings of stress and anxiety for pets and their families. Our doctors and technical staff are certified through specialized training from the “Fear Free” program. This has given us hands-on experience to be able to provide a higher level of care, which creates an elevated experience for everyone involved.

We practice “Fear Free” veterinary care by making sure that every pet who walks through the doors is treated with gentleness and kindness. We are qualified to implement special techniques that make your experience more pleasant and less stressful, while still maintaining an unparalleled level of medicine. This means that not only is it our mission to minimize anxiety, but it is our mission to maximize the quality of care.

If you are ever curious about our process, you can check out our Facebook, where we feature photos and videos that give you a window into a typical visit. This will also give you some insight into how the pets in our community feel when they are in our care. We understand that your furry ones are like members of the family, and we will treat them like members of our own too. Although we are not able to share each and every appointment through our online platforms, we hope the opportunities we do get to share give you some reassurance that your pet will be treated safely and compassionately.

Because of the high level of care and individualized attention we provide, the first few visits might take longer than a typical visit. This is the time when we get to know your pet, acclimate your pet to our environment, and familiarize ourselves with their needs. When it comes to anxiety management, we might try a few different techniques before we gain a full understanding of what makes your pet feel the most comfortable.

Most importantly, we want you to know that we are on your side throughout this process, and we want you to feel just as comfortable as your pet. That is why our doctors and our team as a whole will collaborate in order to help your pet reach the level of comfort necessary for us to provide gold standard preventative and medical care.

Sycamore Veterinary Hospital is constantly updating our knowledge and skillsets in order to make sure we are tending to your pets’ physical and emotional wellbeing in the best way possible. Not only does this training make your pet more comfortable, but it allows us to provide more accurate vital sign readings, which means better diagnosis and more advanced, effective treatment options for your pet. We understand the impact that the stress and anxiety of a veterinary visit can have on your pets. We have made it our duty to alleviate that stress and to have your pets wagging their tails when they walk through our doors.

For more information about how our “Fear Free
certification can benefit you and your pets, call us at (215) 515-5392 or visit the Official Fear Free website at https://fearfreepets.com/.

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What Makes Us the Best Choice?
  • Convenient Hours

    We reserve same day appointments for our patients, so they can get the care they need right away. We are also available on Saturday mornings until 2 PM for your convenience.

  • True Animal Lovers

    We understand the unique bond between people and pets. All of our veterinarians came into practice because they loved animals.

  • Four Decades of Care

    We have been proudly serving the Newtown community with the highest level of care for nearly 40 years. Rest easy and put your pet in good hands.

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Real Stories From Real Owners

  • “Aly and Nicky, our two aging huskies have received consistent, attentive, competent, medical care from the veterinarians and staff at Sycamore for many years.”

    - Karen P.
  • “They are always the nicest to the dogs and their people.”

    - Mary Ann J.
  • “I plan on bringing my future animals back to not only Sycamore vet but Dr. Weiss!”

    - Jules S.