Learn about how we treat our clients and patients by reading a few of our customer testimonials!

Michele C.

“Wonderful staff and the doctors always take the time to talk through details, without feeling rushed. We love Sycamore Vet!”


“The staff is very responsive and friendly. My dog was not afraid to be there. Dr. Weiss was great and found the problem immediately. Thanks!”

Howard W.

“It has been an excellent experience dealing with the staff and doctors at the Sycamore Veterinary Hospital. They are really concerned about your pet and services that they provide to keep your pet healthy and safe.”

Karen P.

“Aly and Nicky, our two aging huskies have received consistent, attentive, competent, medical care from the veterinarians and staff at Sycamore for many years. Prompt appointments, thorough exams and appropriate tests when necessary to diagnose signs and symptoms of illness facilitate providing correct treatment for each of our dogs.”

Mary Ann J.

“We love the personal touch only a smaller veterinary practice can provide. We always feel we have their undivided attention. They couldn’t be nicer to the dogs and their people.”

Rita Mae T.

“Dr. Neubauer is a wonderful vet, and his assistants are outstanding!!! We are extremely pleased with the staff at Sycamore Hospital. Everyone is so kind to Piper, our cat. Dr. Neubauer is very compassionate, and always answers our questions. We are very happy at Sycamore Veterinary Hospital!”

Robert H.

“This is a great veterinarian practice! We have been using them for over 20 years and our dogs have always received amazing care!”